WAY TO BODHI eyed and spied

eyed and spied ist the debutalbum of WAY TO BODHI. It contains 13 songs of extreme metal with ultra low bass frequencies up to 15 Hertz.

… a pleasing bastard of deathcore, DJ-djent and metal …

groove metal and deathcore meet sludgy slow motion parts and fancy-pancy electronic elements
(Legacy Magazine)

a surprisingly intense album

the mix of Meshuggah, Slipknot and Fear Factory … makes the album a special experience

the sound rumbles through your body that it almost turns your stomach inside out

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Living on H ist the first single of eyed and spied.

Watch the band performing their song and hear/feel the world record tone – it’s a B at 15,4 Hertz


The German Record Institute declared WAY TO BODHI to be the deepest tuned band of the world.

Here you can see the original certificate


The world record for the deepest playing band of the world was achieved by the metal quartet „Way to Bodhi“ from Stuttgart. It was confirmed on the 6th of May 2015 with a measurement in the physical institute of the university of Stuttgart.

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